Sexually Transmitted Disease
The ugly truth about SYPHILLIS is that it can “Disappear” by itself, with or without treatment. Well, NOT totally disappear! It went deeper inside the infected person and hide there. After 20-30 years, it will cause serious damage, often involving nerve and brain, which is mostly FATAL ! Syphillis is caused by a Bacteria known as Treponema pallidum. It can be CURED with proper regime of antibiotic, especially at Early Stage of the disease.
BEWARE: Because the lesion is PAINLESS (NO PAIN AT ALL) and CAN “DISAPPEAR”. Your sex partner can transfer the disease to you, especially if he/she has history of multiple sex partner before! You might not realize this. This infection is often deadly (after >10 years) if not treated and worst, can be transferred to newborn during delivery (in women)!
syphillis sores
Sexual Contact is the Most Common mode of infection. Either OralAnal or Vaginal, can all cause transmission of the bacteria, from one person to the other. Usually, when you are in direct contact with the lesion area. The lesion can be Very Small, both you and your sex partner Never Realize it in the first place.

What is the Sign & Symptoms of SYPHILLIS?

Take note that this infection has 3 Stages. The sign and symptom are different for every stages. However, All 3 Stages can (not nessasarily) be associated with Fever and Unwell Feeling. See the picture below, to easily summarize the sign and symptoms of this infection, based on the stages.
syphillis signs each stages

Risk Factors of SYPHILLIS?

  • Multiple Sex Partner : Maybe not you, but your partner. Is he/she has history of multiple partner before? Remember that, they too can look healthy and charming at early stage of syphillis!
  • Sex Worker : People who work by offering sex, obviously has the highest percentage of syphillis AND other STDs too ! Theres no vaccine for STDs, they can NEVER protect themselves. Condom? Oral sex don’t usually use condom. The infection can spread from there.
  • If you have these symptoms, the ONLY way to know for sure, is through a Blood Test. Back in the days, we used to check syphillis using Dark Field Microscopy Technique, means we visualize the actual bacteria using microscope. However, a more efficient way practiced in modern medicine now, is to check the Antibody for Syphillis (non specific and specific antibody).
    In Malaysia, it is COMPULSORY for pregnant mothers to be tested for Syphillis at early pregnancy. Not only this infection can be transferred to unborn baby, it also can KILL the baby inside the mother’s womb!

    syphillis can be cured

    What is the Proper Treatment?

    After the doctor reviewed your blood test and you are found positive for syphillis. The choice of treatment is Injection of Benzanthyn Penicillin G. Injection given at you buttock, usually at Both Buttock as the dose is divided into 2 injections because the medicine leaves abit of pain sensation during and after injections.
    IMPORTANT : Early Stage of Syphillis will usually require ONE injection of antibiotic only and Cure Rate is Very High. Contra to that, the Later Stages will need multiple injections and Cure Rate Drop Tremendously.

    Can Syphillis RECUR After Treatment?

    Yes, it can recur because of several factors including Improper Treatment (inadequate dose of antibiotic) and patient do Not seek early treatment. The bacteria is good at hiding inside the body, where it is hard to be reached by the antibiotic.
    WE HIGHLY ADVISE : Once diagnosed with Syphillis via blood test AND AFTER you received proper treatment, we suggest patient to RE-CHECK the blood test for Syphillis after several weeks, to make sure the infection is GONE. Better be safe, than be sorry later!

    How to Prevent Syphillis?

    Syphillis like other sexually transmitted disease, Can be Prevented. Avoid all the risk factors such as having multiple sexual partner, having sex with sex worker (eg: prostitutes) and use condom (not 100% protection).
    No Sex = No SYPHILLIS!