Sexually Transmitted Disease


As a clinic that provide STDs testing and treatment services, we see this infection is going up in trend. CHLAMYDIA is a BACTERIA. You will not be able to see it no matter how hard you try. 75% women and 50% men NEVER know they are infected by this bacteria. It grows inside your skin cells, where it can get shelter and food. You might see some white spot on your private part and the white spot grow in numbers.

It does NOT hurt UNTIL the bacteria gets inside. You wouldn’t know that you have it. Being ignorant does not stop you from spreading it and putting your loved ones at risk of being infected.


Chlamydia can be transmitted during Sexual Activities (whether vaginal, oral, anal or using sex toys). Chlamydia is a type of bacteria that Grows Slowly.

That’s why you don’t think you have chlamydia now, until 2-3 weeks later, when you started to have these SIGNS & SYMPTOMS :-

  • Unknown Fluid Discharge (90% of infected person) : from penis / vagina. It appears ‘milky’, especially in the early morning.
  • Urethritis (20% of infected person) : described as ‘sharp’ pain while urinating.
  • Too little or Too Much Menstrual Bleeding (10-15% of infected person).
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (8-10% of infected person) : this is when CHLAMYDIA INFECTED ORGAN INSIDE (the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries). There will be intense and sustained pain, pus discharge from vagina, fever and sex will become very painful ‘inside’. Once this happen, you may need hospitalization.



Young, Unmarried Females with Multiple Sexual Partner or Recent Partner Change are particularly at risk of having chlamydia infection.

If Left Untreatedserious thing can happen which include these COMPLICATION :-

Complication for Male :-

  • EPIDIDYMITIS : Inflammation of testicles
  • PROSTATITIS : Inflammation of prostate gland.
  • INFERTILITY : Due to damage of sexual organs.
  • REITER’S SYNDROME : Joint inflammation due to antibody reaction to chlamydia.

Complications for Female :-

  • BLOCKED FALLOPIAN TUBE : That might cause ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside uterus).
  • INFERTILITY : Due to damage of sexual organs.
  • INTRAABDOMINAL SPREAD OF INFECTION : Can infect intestines, liver, kidney and others.
  • PERINATAL INFECTION : Spreading of infection to newborn during pregnancy and delivery, which can cause lung disease and blindness.



As per many bacterial disease, chlamydia can be treated by ANTIBIOTICS. Treatment will depends in Disease Severity.

Uncomplicated cases can be treated by antibiotic tablet as below :

(EG: DOXYCYCLINE 100MG x2 for 7 Days or TETRACYCLINE 500MG x4 for 7 Days or ERYTHROMYCIN 500MG x4 for 7 Days).

However, if you are having more Seven Symptoms (like pelvic inflammatory disease or the infection already spread to other organs), you may need Daily Clinic Visit and be given Intravenous Antibiotics.

**Please inform your doctor if you have previously experienced any antibiotic or drug sensitivity.



AVOID RANDOM SEXUAL PARTNER, engage in monogamous relationship.

REGULAR HEALTH SCREENING for sexually transmitted disease (Yearly if you are in high risk category)